Important Information By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. My own camera was modified by a friend from my astronomy club. The custom fabricated nosepiece was designed to allow for camera angle rotation when using my Hello seigfried, just joking. Posted July 16, All the best, Herrman.

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Philips ToUcam Pro (and similar webcams)

I must say I’m impressed by the image quality toucam pro such a cheap unit, it’ll be interesting to see how it toucam pro attached to the polarscope. You can see more images on his homepage.

Many thanks for your reply. Webcams work best in our own neighbourhood, the solar system.

When stacking, you will choose and stack only the sharpest frames and can come up with an at least acceptable result! It is cheap and easy to mod.

Tiucam know that both of the above webcams are toucam pro in high regard-perhaps that’s why toucam pro second hand ones are difficult to find.

Cheap and easy, you should definitely try it. My own camera toucaj modified by a friend from my astronomy club. You currently have javascript disabled. It is toucam pro only a capture program but it can also stack the resulting images in one final image. Check out the link for details. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Toucam pro.

After you’ve done everything right, the rewards can be amazing After stacking, the resulting image should be processed so finer details can be made visible. Yes, this toucam pro definitely true! Continued use of SGL indicates your acceptance of our cookie policy.

Alternatives to Philips TouCam Pro II and SPC – Discussions – Cameras – Stargazers Lounge

So if you have toucam pro travel to your dark sky site and take images from there, you must have a laptop. I’ll let you how I get on! All my imaging sessions are done through a window in my room I do not have proo laptop, nor a balcony and seeing toucam pro often awful. The only real downside is that the camera must be used with a computer.

Please try again later.

Philips ToUcam Pro II (PCVC-840K)

This toucam pro all you will need to do in order to take images of solar system objects and bright stars. M13, pto frames M27, 14x15s frames M42 core, 3x12s frames Conclusion Imaging with toucam pro webcam is great fun! Hi All, This is just a general reply to all of those who’ve posted replies to my question.

In theory toucam pro should help control the noise a little. Support Forum Check our forum for answers to questions from consumers who toucam pro have had same questions as you, share your experience and toucam pro with others.

Imaging with a webcam is great fun! And this from a light polluted city with almost a million souls Zagreb, Croatia Hi James, Thanks for the link to the camera mod page, the instructions are very well presented and easy to follow- I may well have a go at this!

Toucak were registered and stacked in Registax with some additional processing in Photoshop. Where can I get drivers for toucam pro device? If you have plenty of aperture then a modded Lifecam Cinema or Studio might do the job better.

From there you will also find links to mods for toucam pro different webcams. I wrote up how to do the fan mod here: If your webcam is modified for long exposures, a different program is a must because it’s the only way to take long exposures.

With this in mind could anyone recommend suitable readily available alternatives?

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