Dedicated graphics and a powerful processor make this one of the best mid-range laptops you can buy This isn’t exceptionally great for a powerful multimedia device, but standard in this price range. It remains completely disabled or only increased to its lowest level in idle mode, respectively with only low office load. Adblock users see more ads. A 3DMark benchmark test executed immediately after our stress test showed a slightly lower result of points x than in the device’s cold state points. It can come to delays in delivery of the reviewed notebook due to the current problems of Intel’s Sandy Bridge chipset. The notebook would be quite boring without the silver-gray keyboard bezel.

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As reviewed the Aspire G is available from saveonlaptops. The fan often is completely deactivated when idling.

The number pad adjacent acer aspire 5750g intel the keyboard has to be mentioned positively. Acer doesn’t dare making any extensive experiments on the Aspire G. Two screws have to be removed before taking off the maintenance cover. Aecr, we will likely have to wait for a while until the laptop is available in retail.

Back to the installed rotating memory. The base unit’s torsional stiffness is just as acer aspire 5750g intel. The notebook consumes very little power when idling. We’ll start with the positive features: The recently reviewed Acer Aspire G could intwl be named as the present Aspire G’s predecessor.

Download Acer Aspire G Intel Graphics Driver for Windows 7, Windows 7 64 bit

Lefties will have to struggle with obstructing cables beside the notebook when acer aspire 5750g intel ports are in use. The viewing angle stability also doesn’t count to the installed display’s strengths.

On the one hand, the separated chiclet design capped keys, evident gaps bids a clearly palpable pressure point and a pleasant key drop. Acer has crossed out the USB 3.

The brightness changes quickly in particular when looking up and down from the sides. Qcer glance at the G’s interface positioning reveals acer aspire 5750g intel modifications on the case.

Acer has basically set up a successful bundle with the Aspire G, which especially stands out with an attractive performance for value ratio.

Acer aspire 5750g intel the negative side, we have to mention the two mouse keys that – depending on where they are pressed – require a different amount of force and don’t make an especially defined impression.

Brightness and volume control are positioned practically. The Aspire series will be available for U. Desktop performance for Windows Aero.

Review Acer Aspire 5750G Notebook

However, our test device was delivered with an English language keyboard QWERTYwhich is also acer aspire 5750g intel reason for the single-rowed enter key. One of them could well be the topic of this review. The typing feel isn’t acer aspire 5750g intel either – it lacks a decent feedback. Nevertheless, the Acer Aspire G doesn’t surpass the average of budget multimedia notebooks — too low the possible volume, too restrained the deep pitches and too reserved the overall impression during music rendering.

The Nvidia GPU doesn’t stand a chance against typical midrange models. But that isn’t inevitably to be seen as praise.

Nevertheless, if you consider that we are dealing with ihtel compact 15 inch device with a slim case in which a quad core does acer aspire 5750g intel work, this is more than acceptable.

HDTune rewards the memory medium with acer aspire 5750g intel attractive rates, which are an average transfer rate of Nothing has changed in terms of the reflective glare 5750h surface or in the resolution. Acer aspire 5750g intel score is also within the expected range considering the installed hardware. In contrast 570g some high-gloss machines, you can be content with low smudging susceptibility here, as well.

One RAM slot is empty. It could also prove to be difficult to clean the key gaps.

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